Used Static Caravans for Sale in North Wales

Used Static Caravans For Sale in North Wales

Are you looking for used static caravan sales in North Wales? Do you need help working out why you might benefit from a static caravan, or need some help identifying your perfect static holiday home? If so, read on – we’ve pulled together everything you need to know about used static caravans for sale in North Wales and included some suggestions as to where you might keep it – let’s take a closer look.

The advantages of buying used static caravans in North Wales

If you want to save on holiday costs, a static caravan could be the right move. There are lots of impressive benefits from buying a static holiday home, and the market here in North Wales has exploded over the past few years for a broad range of reasons. First and foremost, a static caravan gives you an instant holiday, whenever you decide to go. It’s cheap in the long-term, too. Sure, there’s a bit of investment upfront but you save big on expensive travel and accommodation costs that you would end up with when travelling abroad or using hotels.

Pre-owned – and pre-sited

When you buy a pre-owned static caravan in the North Wales region, you’ll often find that they are already sited. This makes it so much easier for you, assuming you are happy enough with the actual site, of course! If your static caravan isn’t sited, or you would prefer to move it elsewhere, there are plenty of options. Here at Seldons Golden Gate, we like to think we are one of the best parks in the region but your local caravan dealer will be able to determine the possibility of moving your caravan to one of your choices.

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The depreciation benefits of used static caravans

When you buy a caravan of any kind, you have two choices, essentially. The first is to buy brand new, and the second is to go for a second-hand model. The thing to remember here is depreciation. Brand new static caravans depreciate just as fast as brand new cars, so in almost every scenario buying used gives you a lot better value. And let’s be honest, no one buys a static caravan without intending to use it for a long time, and have it available for many different holidays over the years. The reality is that it is a long-term investment, and if you use it for a minimum of a decade, you should easily get your money’s worth.

Top buying tips for pre-owned static caravans

Before buying your static caravan, there are a few things you need to know. Whether you buy directly from a caravan site or from a private owner, you always need to check everything from paperwork through to site fees. You should also make sure the ownership credentials are up to scratch, check prices online to ensure you are paying a good – or fair, at least – price, and question anyone that is offering a static holiday home for a price that seems a little too good to be true.

Don’t forget the budget

Don’t forget, you’re not just buying a static caravan. You will also have insurance, maintenance, site fees, and utility payments to make – so it is absolutely essential that you include these in your budget. Yes, buying a static caravan for North Wales holidays is going to be cheaper in the long-term than going on expensive holidays abroad, but you need to be aware there is a cost attached.

Choose your ideal North Wales caravan site

As we discussed above, you need to choose a site for your static caravan to stay in. If you want to make the most of your investment, this should be somewhere that everyone loves and you feel comfortable in. Most sites offer two separate seasons, either from spring through to the end of autumn, or a longer run from spring through to the start of the next year. You should also check to make sure that the site allows you to rent out your static caravan – some do, some don’t – if you intend to turn your holiday home into a business. Also, don’t forget about the costs of renting a pitch at a site. These include everything from your water and electricity through to general maintenance – gardening, for example – and general site rates.

Choose your holiday style

The most important aspect of choosing your caravan site is, of course, making sure you get the right kind of place. Most caravan sites in the North Wales region are blessed with spectacular views, scenic countryside, and possibly even proximity to beautiful beaches – including us here at Seldons Golden Gate. Beyond these important factors are the activities you can partake. There’s a big difference between a romantic break away for two and a raucous fortnight away with the kids, after all! The good news is that there is something for everyone when it comes to the Seldons Golden Gate static caravan site in North Wales. We offer awesome, fun-filled activities for children such as kids play areas, water sports, and biking, while other areas are a lot more peaceful.

Finding friends

A big part of the static caravan community is making friends. It’s a very sociable way of taking a holiday, and inevitably you will get to know other couples and families when you take breaks at the same time as each other. This aspect of static caravan holidays is also great for kids, and some will even make long-term friendships over the years! We can help give you a helping hand along the way, with our kids’ clubs, clubhouses and diners all an integral part of the Seldons Golden Gate static caravan holiday experience.

OK, so there you have it – some useful tips and information on used static caravans for sale in North Wales. If you need any help or advice in choosing your static holiday home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Seldons Golden Gate.

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