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It’s not unusual for people who have enjoyed towing a caravan for several years to start looking at static caravans for sale when they get older.  Having stayed temporarily on various holiday parks during their touring experience they usually have a better idea of the location in which they would like to buy.  Since location is an important part of the buying process they have an advantage over first-time caravanners since choosing the ideal spot can be time consuming.  Here are some of the other benefits of putting your tow bar into retirement:


You might think that owning a touring caravan is a more flexible option but it’s not when compared to a static caravan. If you get some unexpected time off work, or you just want to take off for the weekend you can get in your car, or use public transport, to get to your holiday home. It’s not necessary to connect the caravan to the car or to make sure you have everything you need in the way of supplies.  Your static caravan has everything already in place, much as your main residence does.  Travelling costs are lower because you are not towing the weight of the caravan behind you.


Caravan Holiday Parks

For people who live in Northern or Southern England, when looking for caravans for sale North Wales tends to be the most popular choice. There are good transport links to get to a wide choice of coastal and rural holiday parks.


If you’ve spent a long time touring with a caravan, you’ll know that the parks offer lots of facilities, some more than others. The benefit of owning on a family orientated park is not only that there is so much to do but also that you can often get discounted rates for local attractions and events.  Some of the park facilities are free for owners and others vastly subsidised, so you pay less than you would if you just turn up for an overnight stay or a few nights in a touring caravan. There are also activities that you can participate in that are exclusive to owners, such as owners’ breakfasts, dinner dances and barbeques etc.  These provide good opportunities for owners to get to know each other and discuss ideas on how the park might be able to improve certain things, if applicable.  In this way, caravan owners become part of a community that is not unlike a small village or hamlet.


Make some extra money

It’s not particularly easy to rent out a touring caravan given insurance restrictions and lack of demand. However, when you are not spending personal time in your static holiday home many parks will allow you to rent it out. Again if you are thinking about viewing static caravans for sale North Wales is an ideal place to invest in one.  Towyn, Abergele, Rhyl and Conwy are just a few of the resorts that thousands of tourists flock to every year. This means that the potential for high volume rentals in very high.


At Golden Gate Holiday Centre we have a comprehensive stock of static caravans for sale; North Wales is our location and our holiday park facilities are some of the best in the area. So if you want to stop towing and touring, call in for a coffee and a chat. Alternatively, contact us via our web form.

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