What Holiday Park Site Fees Cover

Site fees for Static Caravans

Caravan site fees vary throughout the UK and Holiday Parks in North Wales are no different, but what are site fees actually for? The revenue is used for a variety of reasons and depends on the site operator but they are certain to include the following basics:


Annual site fees

Paid once per year, or in stage payments, these fees cover the cost of general holiday park maintenance, security, gardening and landscaping. Sometimes when you purchase a Caravan from the park, or through a Caravan Dealer who has agreements with certain parks, you may be able to get the first year of site fees waived.  The annual site fee will usually include the use of the facilities on the park.


However, bear in mind that fees only cover park maintenance and not personal maintenance services. This means that if you want the park to undertake work around or on your Static Caravan such as repairs, cleaning or looking after your plants there will be an extra charge.


Annual fees may be variable depending on the location and size of your pitch.


In addition, the annual site fee sometimes provides owners with exclusive access to parties and events and of course, the right to pitch your Static Caravan on the park.


Privilege passes

Most Caravan Holiday Parks give owners a certain amount of privilege passes so that their families or friends can accompany them to exclusive events. The amount you get covered by your annual site fees varies depending on the park but is usually around 10.  These cards also give you discounts for other activities not included in the annual fees.



Occasionally annual site fees can include gas, electricity, water, rates, insurance and Wi-Fi access.  Naturally what you pay each year may increase marginally with inflation.


If you are considering buying a holiday home from Caravan Dealers or directly from any of the Caravan Parks in North Wales make sure you are clear on the fees you have to pay each year, and what is covered by them.


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