Used Static Caravans For Sale on Site

Used static caravans for sale on site in North Wales

Benefits of buying pre-owned static caravans on site in North Wales

The most obvious advantages of looking at used static caravans for sale on site in North Wales are price and the fact that the caravan of your choice does not have to be transported to a caravan holiday park. However, whilst you may not have to spend the time looking for holiday parks on which to site your acquisition it does make sense to buy on a park that offers everything you need for a perfect holiday. You won’t know if it does unless you do some research and visit some of the parks.


Pre-owned caravans are often sited

Thousands of holidaymakers, who want to make the transition from renting to buying, opt for pre-owned static caravans for sale; North Wales being the location they have returned to year on year for family breaks.  This is because they have invariably enjoyed the facilities and entertainment on a particular park so it makes sense to buy a holiday home there.


However, all is not lost if you can’t find the ideal caravan on the site of your choice. Some caravan dealers in North Wales have arrangements with a number of parks whereby you can purchase a caravan from them and if you choose one of the parks they deal with, it’s highly likely they will include transportation in the price or at least heavily discount it.


Purchase in haste, repent at leisure

Used static caravans for sale on site in North Wales can be purchased through dealers, direct from the holiday park or from private owners.  The latter can represent good value for money on the surface but you should get a professional to check the paperwork, site fees and ownership credentials if you don’t want to repent at leisure.


Check out average prices which you can do online or by viewing pre-owned caravans for sale from caravan dealers. If your prospective holiday home appears too cheap, dig deeper to find out why. Are there any loans outstanding on it? Is there damage that you haven’t noticed? Is the caravan approaching 10 years old, and located in a park that requires all vans over 10 years old to be removed? If you are purchasing from a private owner ask as many questions as you can think of to ensure that you don’t end up with problems later.


Get more rentals on family orientated holiday parks in North Wales

Budget is always a concern so make sure you take into account all the costs of owning a holiday home including site fees, annual maintenance costs, insurance and utilities. If you intend to rent the caravan out at times when you are not personally using it, choose one of the larger used static caravans for sale on site in North Wales that have 3 bedrooms.  Your initial outlay may be higher but so will the potential rental income.


Most holidaymakers bring the whole family on caravan holidays, so the more space the better!  Those holiday parks that have activities, facilities and entertainment are the best choice too since they get the most visitors.  Choose wisely!

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