TV Licensing your Static Caravan

TV Licensing your Static Caravan

TV licensing has been obligatory for more than one hundred years. It was originally launched to cover the reception of radio broadcasts in the UK in the year 1904. Within its first two years, there were just 68 households who received radio and therefore paid the fee. By the year 1913, this number had risen to more than two thousand. It was during and after the war when radio really became a feature in all homes, due to people needing to know what was going on during these troubled times. The TV license as we now know was introduced in 1946 – one year after the Second World War and this fee covered both television and radio broadcasts. From the start of the 1970’s radio only licences were abolished and it was from then on that all households with televisions require a license.

There are now 25,338,330 TV licenses in force in the UK currently. If you’re a Static Caravan Owner, now is the time to check that you are legally and correctly covered by a TV license if you use, or sublet your caravan and it has a television set. Any person who owns a static caravan does need to be covered by a TV licence, in addition to the license you have and pay for in your permanent home. However, if you only have one television set between both properties, thus will not be watching one TV at home and one at your static caravan, then you will be exempt from additional TV licensing fees.


If Static Caravan Owners are not fully clued up on the legalities of TV licensing then they could face prosecution and a £1,000 penalty.


Paying for a TV Licence as a Static Caravan Owner:

Prices and charges vary, so to be 100% accurate with the fees that you will face then the official TV Licensing website holds up to date information. As of now, a colour TV License costs £145.50, for a black and white television set the price of a license is £49. There are many ways to pay your licensing fees, such as:


PayPoint – Over the counter payments can be taken at more than 20,000 PayPoint outlets across the UK


Direct Debit – Have your license fee taken directly from your back in either monthly, quarterly or annual amounts – this can be set up by phone, email or online.


Online – Pay your fee online by using your debit or credit card.


Over the Phone – With your debit or credit card, you can make your payments over the phone.


By Post – Send your cheques through the post, make sure they are made payable to TV Licensing (Bristol BS98 1TL).


Many people prefer to make a one-off payment and then have no worries for the rest of the year, for others it is smaller yet more frequent payments that are more feasible. For example, £12.45 per month may seem more desirable than a lump sum payment of £145.50. Payment plans are flexible, and all is done to ensure that payments are as convenient as possible.

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