Static Caravans to Let or not to Let – Part 1 – Restrictions

Static Caravans to let

There are plenty of Static Caravans to let in the UK but as an owner, what are the pros and cons of letting your holiday home? Here is some practical advice.


Letting your static caravan at times when you are not using it is an excellent method of recouping some of the running and maintenance costs. If you get it right you can benefit greatly. However, there are a number of things you need to be aware of. In the first of a series of 4 blogs, this week we look at the possible restrictions on static caravans to let.


Holiday Park restrictions

Some holiday parks will not allow static caravans to let on their sites.  You would have signed an agreement when you bought your holiday home. Read through all of the small print to make sure you can rent it out before you make a decision to do so. If you haven’t yet bought a caravan but are considering it, ensure that the site it’s on, or the one you choose allows letting.


The age of the static home may also be a consideration on some caravan sites. Caravans to let may not be allowed if the caravan is more than nine years old. This may have a negative effect on your projected rental income. This particularly applies if you are allowed to site the caravan on the park for 15 to 20 years. You could have up to 11 years during which time you can’t let it out. In this scenario, you would either have to upgrade to a new static home or resign yourself to years of zero rental income. If you need the rental income to cover costs it’s imperative that you choose a park that doesn’t have these restrictions in their agreement.


Restrictions on static caravans to let

A number of holiday parks insist that owners only let their caravans through the park’s letting service. There are pros and cons should this be the case.


Most parks, or their authorised letting agents, levy a commission or one off booking fee when they manage static caravans to let.  The fees vary from site to site but can be as much as 20% plus VAT.  Naturally, this will eat into your rental income.


However, when the holiday park or their letting agents manage your bookings and rentals, they will undertake all the inconvenient jobs. Changeovers and the associated cleaning will be handled effortlessly although you will be charged for it.


You will never have to worry about renters causing damage or breaking things since your caravan will be checked after each rental.  If there are any damages or breakages, or items are found to be missing the renter will be charged. A deduction will be made from the deposit they paid. Whilst you will be informed of any problems, you won’t have the hassle of arguing with a difficult guest.


There may or may not be a laundry service included in a park’s rental management agreement. Holiday parks that don’t offer this service will insist that guests bring bed linen with them. Parks that do offer the service may charge a laundry fee per bedroom.


When considering where to site your caravan, if you are happy with the holiday park letting services make certain you know what they provide for the fee you pay. For example, are toilet rolls, washing up liquid, basic cleaning products, scourers and cloths etc., included?


Golden Gate Holiday Centre, Towyn, North Wales

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If you are looking to buy a static caravan in the near future we have a comprehensive selection of new and used caravans for sale.

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