Prevent Theft From Your Static Caravan

Prevent theft from your Static Caravan


Many caravan owners treat their caravans as a home away from home, so it becomes necessary to protect that home and the items inside it just as much as in a bricks-and-mortar house. Static caravans often remain empty for long periods of time (see Site information) throughout the year, so thieves sneaking around in search of valuables like audio and video equipment, computers and televisions do target them, no matter how great the site security. With this in mind, we offer some advice on how to Prevent Theft From Your Static Caravan.

Protecting Valuables

Cash, computers, credit cards and televisions are not the only items that can be regarded as valuables. Sentimental items can be irreplaceable even if they may not have much financial value, so these items need to be protected from getting stolen as well.

• Portable items like bank books, cash, credit cards and keys should be carried along when going out.

• Bulkier valuable items, such as your TV, Music System, Computers, Tablets etc. should be stored out of site when away. When out and about for long periods of time, these items should be removed altogether.

• All valuable items should be marked with an anti-theft UV pen, so that their value is reduced for thieves who may want to sell them.

Securing Doors & Windows

Securing static caravans effectively can be difficult, so it becomes essential to deter thieves before they act. Anti-theft warning signs should be placed onto the windows so that thieves are cautioned and may not approach.

Before going out, it should be ensured that all doors, skylights and windows are well locked and secured, curtains should be drawn back to prevent anyone from peeking inside to get a look at potential valuables worth stealing, and a spare key should never be left in close proximity of a static caravan.

Anti-Theft Devices

Usually, at properly managed static caravan sites security patrols are to be in place. However, they can’t be everywhere at once, so thefts from static caravans can also be prevented with the help of security systems. Break-ins can be detected if an internal alarm is fitted within the caravan, and these can be linked to the site manager’s office for prompt response in case of an incident.

The alarm system should always be activated, even when going out for a short time and the system should be double checked before going out to ensure that it is working.

You could also consider a bolt-in safe to store smaller valuables.

Although a good insurance can ensure you’re able to claim back the monetary value of items taken in a break-in, taking steps to Prevent Theft From Your Static Caravan is the best way to have some peace of mind when out and about.

Contact us if you need more information about securing your Static Caravan.

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