Preparing Your Static Caravan for Winter

Preparing Your Static Caravan for Winter

It’s that time of the year again when preparing your Static Caravan for winter is important. See our other post about preparing your static for the winter season here.


During the summer months, while you are spending extended holiday periods at your holiday home, you are on hand to immediately resolve any maintenance issues that might arise. But what to do in winter time, when your caravan may be closed up for the season and you are not likely to be around very often. What preventative treatment can you take to ensure that your Static Caravan remains in a good condition throughout the winter time?


Here at Golden Gate Holiday Centre, we’ve put together a compilation of handy hints for protecting your holiday home over the winter. Follow all or some of these tips, and when you return to your caravan next year, you can begin to enjoy your holiday.


Water and Central Heating Systems

If you don’t intend to occupy your Static Caravan over the winter months, then ensure that you turn off the water at the mains and drain down all equipment.  Are unsure how to do this? Ask for advice at the Site Office where our maintenance team will be able to help you with this drain down procedure.


If your central heating system is a sealed boiler unit, there is no need to drain this system, as it contains an anti-freeze solution to prevent it freezing. The anti-freeze levels should be checked when the Gas service engineer carries out his annual boiler check. If your system has a combi-boiler, both the hot and cold water levels should be fully drained as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


Checklist – preparing your Static Caravan for winter

  • Drain down your holiday home water system as mentioned above
  • Unplug all electric implements including fridge, freezer and TV
  • Remove any fabric items from your caravan, or vacuum pack and store in a clean, dry, airy place. This includes soft furnishings such as cushions, clothing and bedding
  • Open any cupboard doors and prop open room doors to allow circulation of air
  • Hide from view, or remove from your caravan, anything of value such as your music system or TV
  • Leave the curtains open so any potential thieves looking in can see there is nothing of value
  • Make sure that external air vents are free from leaves to allow air to circulate and prevent dampness
  • Totally empty your fridge and freezer and unplug from the mains power. It’s a good idea to prop open the doors to prevent mould build up
  • Remove any food items from your caravan that will potentially attract mice or other vermin
  • Ensure that all external windows and doors are locked securely as you leave the caravan


Check your Static Caravan over the Winter season

It’s a wise move to make a visit or two over the winter period to check on your holiday home, especially after a period of nasty snow and icy weather. This will allow you to make checks and carry out any minor repairs that you notice. During the winter season, rest assured that if anything does occur at your Static Caravan, our maintenance team at Golden Gate Holiday Centre are on site to take care of your problems. The team also offer an out of hours call service should you need help or advice. If you would like to enquire about the site winter services, please email us via the website contact form, or call us on (01745) 827 425.

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