Prepare Your Static Caravan for the Winter Season

Prepare Your Static Caravan for the Winter

As autumn rolls on our thoughts turn to winter and the cold weather we will most likely experience. The ideal time to make plans to prepare your static caravan for the winter season in order to keep it in prime condition.


When your holiday home is not in use it’s a good idea to consider insulating it in winter with Static Caravan underfloor insulation. This will keep you warm during the colder months in the UK.


Tips to prepare your Static Caravan for the Winter season.


Water System

The water will need to be drained entirely out of the hot and cold water system; a good time is to drain the system before you leave on your last visit of the season.  Ensure that the water is emptied from all of the toilet cisterns, and add a small amount of anti-freeze to the water remaining in the toilet bowl to prevent freezing.


Remember that maintenance teams on holiday parks often offer winterisation services for your holiday home. If the park is closed for the winter period, we advise that it is necessary to drain your caravan or lodge completely of all water, ensure that your central heating boiler is topped up with anti-freeze, (some systems are enclosed systems and this is not necessary) and then once the Park reopens, the water supply can be reconnected ready for the new spring season.


The Kitchen

Check your kitchen cupboards and ensure that no perishable food stuff or open packets are left inside. Storing tins of food and non-perishable foodstuff should be fine if left over the winter. Open all kitchen cupboard doors to allow air to circulate.


Clean the fridge and freezer when defrosted, with a solution of bicarbonate of soda and water or an anti-bacterial liquid, and leave the doors propped slightly open to avoid the build-up of mould and a stagnant smell.


If you have bottled gas, shut it off and disconnect it. Make sure it is stored securely and safely.


Upholstery and bedding

Condensation is a major problem during the winter months in your holiday home, so ensure that any sofa cushions are pulled away from the walls of the caravan; if need be stack in the centre of the room on the floor. Remove bedding from all beds and consider storing in vacuum bags that are available in many sizes, suitable for duvets and pillows too.


It is possible to purchase small dehumidifier units that work with a silica gel or a salt powder to prevent damp in certain rooms and cupboards. These can usually be purchased for a few pounds and may help to prevent mould.


Electrical items

Check with your static caravan insurance policy which items are not covered during the closed period. At the minimum take those things that are not covered such as TVs, videos and laptops home.  It may be advisable to take other items such as clothing and soft furnishings home with you, as these may be more susceptible to damage from the damp and cold.


The exterior

In the weeks before you are going to close your holiday lodge or static caravan for the winter season, it is advisable to do a visual check around the exterior for any maintenance that needs to be done.  Downpipes and gutters will need to be cleaned to remove any fallen leaves. Remember that during the winter your caravan or lodge may be subjected to low temperatures, heavy rain, high winds, snow and frost so you need to ensure that it is well prepared to cope with these elements.


Ensure that there are no loose items outside that could be blown around in the wind.  Make a check on all of the windows and doors to make sure they all lock securely and that no targets for theft are left on display.


If you would like to know more about ways to insulate a static caravan for winter or want to install static caravan underfloor insulation we can recommend local contractors or you can easily find them online.


Be assured that in the event that something goes wrong with your caravan holiday home the maintenance teams at Golden Gate Holiday Centre are on hand to look after everything. We also offer an out of hours call out service. If you wish to enquire about our winter services please telephone us on (01745) 827 425 or email us via the contact form on our website.

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