How much are the Site Fees?

Site Fees vary according to your chosen season. At Golden Gate we offer a traditional 7 ½ month season and an extended 10 ½ month season.

What do the Site Fees include?

Site Fees include the water rates, the general rates, the electricity and piped gas. Site fees cover all grass cutting around your caravan, street lighting, refuse collection and reception service should you wish to rent out your holiday caravan.

Are there any 'hidden' costs?

We recommend that during the closed season your holiday caravan is winterised to protect it from the elements. This has a cost of £70 which covers draining down at the end of season and reconnection at the start of the season. The holiday caravan should also carry a gas and electricity safety test. The gas test lasts for 12 months and costs £70 the electricity test costs £70 and lasts up to 3 years unless you plan to hire out your caravan. The holiday caravan should also be adequately insured and this can be sourced from a number of insurance suppliers.

Can I choose my plot?

Yes, we are more than happy to show you all the plots that we have available.

Do you offer Finance?

Finance can be provided through Black Horse or Barclays. Please see our examples or contact us for a specific quote.

Is caravan ownership a good investment?

Caravan ownership is a great investment for enhancing your leisure time. It can provide many years of enjoyment for you and your family. However, like a car, caravans lose value over time and we would not recommend purchasing a caravan as a financial investment.

Can I rent my caravan out?

Many of our existing caravan owners will rent their holiday homes to family and friends to offset their annual running costs. We offer a key release service from reception and there are various cleaning companies in the local area who offer a 'changeover clean' to clean the caravan between guests. This alleviates the need for you to travel to and from the caravan in between caravan rentals.

Can my dog come on holiday too?

Golden Gate is dog friendly although we do ask that dogs are kept on a lead whilst on the park and of course that any mess is cleaned up.

Hopefully this should answer some of your questions and help in deciding whether holiday caravan ownership at Golden Gate would be right for you or not. We are on hand to help and can be contacted on 01745 833 048 or you can speak to Ross our sales manager direct on 07801 441 899. You can also email us by going to our contact page.

* Please note that full terms and conditions applicable to the siting of a caravan with us are set out in the licence agreement that will need to be agreed by the customer prior to proceeding with an annual licence to occupy a plot.