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How to Eliminate Odours in Your Holiday Home

2 August 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Many owners will come back to their holiday home this year to find the familiar, not too pleasant odour of a van that has been locked up for some time unless someone has been airing it for them. There are several ways to Eliminate Odours in your Holiday Home.    ...

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What To Take On a Static Caravan Holiday

25 July 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

As summer approaches, more and more of us are looking forward to holidays, either in the UK or abroad, and if you’re one of the many people heading to some of the countries beautiful caravan parks, then you’re sure to be looking forward to your break.   There are a couple of things that can ruin your Static Caravan holiday, one is the weather and this you can do nothing about (although many make the best of this anyway – is there...

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So you Want a Caravan Holiday?

19 July 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Thinking about a Caravan holiday? We take a light look at caravanning and suggest something you may find a little - if not a lot more appealing.   The Policeman pulled over the car, strolled up to the driver’s window and said “Excuse me sir, but do you know that you're driving without a rear light?" The driver jumped out and ran to the rear of his car and let out a terrible groan. He seemed so genuinely distressed that the policema...

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Health and Safety for your Holiday Home in North Wales

22 May 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Health and Safety rules apply to every Holiday Home in North Wales and throughout the UK especially if you rent your caravan out. But even if you only use it for your own holidays it’s best to follow the same regulations for your own safety. For those of you who do hire your caravans out please check the following to make sure you are in compliance:   Compulsory safety checks and appliances Annual gas safety ch...

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Looking at Caravans for Sale in North Wales

7 May 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

There are so many Static Caravans for sale in North Wales, from beginner’s models to state of the art luxury holiday homes that making the right choice on what to buy can prove daunting.  You can afford to make a mistake when purchasing something small such as a pair of shoes or a microwave but if you are buying a static caravan as your holiday home, you need to get it right.  Getting the best deal, at the best price that mat...

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View Caravans for Sale in Towyn and Rhyl

7 April 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

So you want to view caravans for sale in Towyn and Rhyl? While we are enormous fans of caravan holidays in, we know that not everyone thinks the same way. Could it be that your other half isn’t as keen as you about buying a new static caravan in North Wales? Are they not convinced that it's just what you need for those fantastic, fun-filled, family holidays?   There is a typical s...

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Static Caravan Rental Opportunities for Owners in North Wales

7 March 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Static caravan rental opportunities for owners in North Wales are high but what you buy depends on the rental market you want to penetrate. You may think there is only one market e.g. holidaymakers who want to rent caravans but there is a whole lot more to consider before you make your purchase.         Used caravans for sale in North Wales If you want to attract the “cheap and cheerful” caravan rent...

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How to Avoid Problems with Static Caravan Rentals in 2017

31 December 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

As we approach the New Year and start thinking about static caravan rentals, it’s worth reviewing our strategy.   Most guests are great but there’s occasionally the odd one or two that can cause numerous problems unless we adopt measures to avoid them.  Seasoned owners who have rented out their caravan regularly will have got over all the hurdles, but if you’re new to rentals here is some advice:     ...

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Fashionable Beach Accessories for North Wales Caravan Holidays

28 August 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

North Wales Caravan Holidays become more popular every year and most caravan owners or renters enjoy endless days out on glorious Welsh beaches.   For the fashion conscious, a day at the beach isn’t only about brushing up on the tan, having a feel good factor out in the fresh air and swimming in the sea.  We not only want to feel good but also to l...

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Delicious Caravan Barbecue Recipes for Hot Summer Days

23 August 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

What other excuse do you need to have a family caravan barbecue? A free afternoon at your static caravan and a sunny day?   Experiment with colourful salads, char-grilled veggies and spicy marinated meats. Why not mix things up with a theme - we love Mediterranean and American inspired BBQ recipes.     Don’t be tempted to just throw a few boring sausages onto the grill. There are hundreds of tasty recipes for barbe...

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Keep Kids Busy this Summer on North Wales Holiday Parks

13 July 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

With the school summer break looming, most Caravan Parks are ready for the challenge of entertaining the children this summer on North Wales Holiday Parks We know the kids will be getting excited about their holiday plans at Golden Gate Holiday Centre. For any new holidaymakers coming to the site this season, we offer everything you could possibly need. We can keep children occupied from morni...

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4 Top Tips for Upgrading a Static Caravan

10 May 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Static caravans are a great investment in holidays. They are ideal for when you need a break from the mayhem of everyday life and perfect for family holidays. However, caravans can age fairly quickly and if you purchased your holiday home some time ago, it’s worth considering a static caravan upgrade. Whilst this may seem challenging, upgrading a Static  Caravan is actually quite easy to do. Here are some upgrading tips that will make your car...

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How to Decorate a Static Caravan

11 April 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

As you look upon your static caravan as your second home, it’s obvious that you want it to feel as homely and comfortable as possible, not to mention it being a place where you can relax and enjoy spending time. Although the majority of caravans, if they are bought as a new model, are luxuriously appointed with contemporary decoration and interiors, you will still need to give it that special, personal touch.       ...

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Benefits of Installing Static Caravan Underfloor Insulation

31 March 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Whilst many caravan manufacturers include static caravan underfloor insulation in new luxury models it’s fairly unlikely that you will find it in older used caravans. Before you purchase a holiday home on a caravan park you should ask whether it has static caravan insulation particularly if you intend to spend time in it during the winter.   Caravan dealers sometime...

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Five Eggstravagent Places to Visit this Easter

10 March 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

At this time of the year, it’s lovely to think about springtime and the Easter holidays. Many families return to their holiday homes at Seldons Golden Gate Holiday Centre for the first visit this season. During this month more people begin planning their spring holidays and activities for all the family in the North Wales region. There are several Easter traditions that are kept aliv...

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Tips for Improving Static Caravan Security

29 February 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

 If you are viewing caravans for sale in Towyn and intend to purchase one this year; or if you are already an owner, a holiday home is a significant investment. One of the worst things that can happen whether you are in your caravan or not, is to be burgled.  The majority of thefts take place when the owner isn’t nearby, or when the holiday home is not in use. By taking several basic precautions, you can improve your static c...

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Taking a Holiday in North Wales Without a Car

25 February 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

If you have decided to take a holiday in  North Wales without a car, there is a fair chance that part of the reason is you are looking for a relaxing break in the beautiful surrounding countryside; to get back to nature, and as such, the area is particularly well set up for cyclists and walkers. With a degree of patience and a flexible itinerary, it is possible to explore the country by alternative means, rather than bringing your car.  ...

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10 Amazing Things to Do around Static Caravan Parks in North Wales, Whatever the Weather

10 February 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

There are things to do around static caravan parks in North Wales. Golden Gate Holiday Centre is centrally located to lots of attractions and events in the region. No matter if it's sunshine or torrential rain our suggestions will keep the whole family engrossed and busy for several fun-filled days.           Activities and things to do around static...

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Plan a Romantic Weekend Break in North Wales

15 October 2015  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

North Wales offers many things conducive to a romantic weekend break, close to cities and towns for a shopping expedition, many restaurants for fine dining and many possibilities to explore the culture of the region. Whether you are looking for the relaxed environs of the countryside or the sea, or the vibe of a capital city you will find it here.   Golden Gate Holiday Centre near Towy...

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Prepare Your Static Caravan for the Winter Season

8 October 2015  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

As autumn rolls on our thoughts turn to winter and the cold weather we will most likely experience. The ideal time to make plans to prepare your static caravan for the winter season in order to keep it in prime condition.   When your holiday home is not in use it’s a good idea to consider insulating it in winter with Static Caravan underfloor insulation. This will keep you warm during the colder months in the UK.   Tips...

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