Buying a Static Caravan at Golden Gate Holiday Centre

11 June 2015  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre
Buying a Static Caravan at Golden Gate Holiday Centre

A static caravan is a major investment, mainly for enjoyment and enhancement of your family and holiday time. If you are thinking about buying a static caravan and siting it during this summer season, here at the Golden Gate Holiday Centre near Towyn in North Wales, we can offer advice and help in making your choice.


Investment choice

A holiday caravan should be bought with the intention of being able to use it over a long period of time. They are classed as a depreciating asset, similar to a car, so we would not advise you to buy a new caravan and plan to sell it two years later. However, plan to buy it, use it regularly; have family and friends that come to stay and enjoy many happy holidays, then over a 10 plus year period it works out as a good investment, compared to the costs incurred when travelling abroad, paying for hotels and flights for you and your family.


Site Seasons

We offer two seasons:

1) A traditional 7.5-month caravan site season which runs from 15 March until 31 October,

2) A longer 10.5 month season from 1 March until 14 January, depending on your family requirements


Site fees and other costs

Our site fees include the general rates, water rates, piped gas and electricity charges.

Also included are the gardening fees for grass cutting around your caravan, refuse collection, street lighting and of course on hand is our reception service if you choose to rent out your caravan.

Additional costs will include but are not limited to, caravan insurance, draining down costs for over the winter period, electrical and gas safety checks and any caravan maintenance needs you will have.


Caravan Rentals

Not all caravan holiday parks allow you to rent out your caravan to family, friends and others but here at Golden Gate, we allow you to do this. We offer a key holding service and can also provide information on several cleaning companies in the area that offer a change of service for your guests. This will save you travelling time and expense in having to carry out this task between rentals.

At any time we will have several pitches available for you to choose from to site your caravan. (Please note that full terms and conditions applicable to the siting of a caravan with us are set out in the licence agreement that will need to be agreed by the customer prior to proceeding with an annual licence to occupy a plot.)

If you are thinking about buying a static caravan quickly, we also have used and new models in stock that you can inspect.

Call us or pop into reception for an informal chat and to get some free advice on caravan ownership.