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Sited Static Caravan Sales

29 September 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Buying a caravan of any kind is a huge decision to make. Depending on the kind of caravan you want, where it is, and many other factors, you may spend anywhere from a few grand to tens or even hundreds of thousands. This is an investment, so you need to think about the kind of caravan that will suit your desired lifestyle carefully.   What Should You Go For In A Static Caravan? There are two options you can go for when ...

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Why Choose Caravan Park Holidays?

20 September 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Many people have holidayed in Static Caravans for many years and wouldn’t change it for the world. Others who have always holidayed abroad in fancy hotels, villas or apartments may not even consider a caravan holiday. Caravan park holidays have a wide number of benefits, which is why they are enjoyed by almost 17 million of us annually. Every year more than £1.9 billion is spent on ...

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Looking For an Affordable Holiday Home in North Wales?

6 September 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

If you’re looking for an affordable Holiday Home or “home from home” in the heart of idyllic of the North Wales countryside, we can help you realize your dream for a lot less than you think! We have a huge range of well equipped, comfortable vans available to site across 8 locations – all of which have excellent facilities including the Golden Gate Holiday Centre...

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Child Activities at Golden Gate, North Wales

1 September 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

We understand that when you go on holiday you want to relax. However, often the little ones want to explore, run around and play. Well, here at Golden Gate in North Wales we have found a happy medium, we host plenty of events and child activities to give you the break you deserve. Activities start from 10 am and go through to 5:30 pm and take place at the incredib...

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