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How to Avoid Problems with Static Caravan Rentals in 2017

31 December 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

As we approach the New Year and start thinking about static caravan rentals, it’s worth reviewing our strategy.   Most guests are great but there’s occasionally the odd one or two that can cause numerous problems unless we adopt measures to avoid them.  Seasoned owners who have rented out their caravan regularly will have got over all the hurdles, but if you’re new to rentals here is some advice:     ...

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Swapping Towyn Caravan Parks for Somewhere Different

23 December 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Holiday home owners return year on year to Towyn Caravan Parks. Loving the area is part of the reason they bought. But what about swapping Caravan Parks?   Holiday Home Swapping is a service where you can register you caravan or holiday lodge. It allows you to occasionally take a break by swapping your holiday home for someone else’s. So owners on Towyn Caravan Parks can swap with other owners on say, caravan parks in Scotland. Anyon...

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Towyn Caravan Parks Have so Much to Offer

15 December 2016  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Towyn caravan parks are some of the most popular in Wales. It’s hardly surprising when you consider what’s on offer in and around them.   Whether you are considering buying a static caravan or renting one for a holiday, Towyn in North Wales is an excellent location choice. It’s a classic, traditional seaside resort with so much to do for all the family. A two week holiday is barely enough time to fit in a quarter of what you can ...

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