Static Caravans for Sale (North Wales)

15 August 2018  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

It’s not unusual for people to start looking at Static caravans for sale once they have enjoyed towing a touring caravan for several years. Having stayed temporarily on various holiday parks during their touring experience they usually have a better idea of the location in which they would like to buy.   Since location is an important part of the buying process they have an advantage over first-time caravanners since choosing the id...

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Used Static Caravans for Sale in North Wales

26 July 2018  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Are you looking for used static caravan sales in North Wales? Do you need help working out why you might benefit from a static caravan, or need some help identifying your perfect static holiday home? If so, read on - we’ve pulled together everything you need to know about used static caravans for sale in North Wales and included some suggestions as to where you might keep it - let’s take a closer look.     ...

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Sited Static Caravan Sales in North Wales

13 June 2018  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Buying a Static Caravan is a huge decision to make. Depending on the kind of caravan you want, where it is, and many other factors, you may spend anywhere from a few grand to tens or even hundreds of thousands. This is an investment, so you need to think about the kind of caravan that will suit your desired lifestyle carefully. Find out in this blog why Sited static caravans sales in North Wales is booming.     What Should Y...

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Our Used Static Caravans for Sale FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1 May 2018  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

When you look at used static caravans for sale it’s always a good idea to ask as many questions as you feel necessary until you are satisfied that you will be making a good investment. Below is our used static caravans for sale FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)       What is the average price of used static caravans? There is no average because the price depends on many factors including the age, make, model and...

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Top Tips for Buying a Used Static Caravan

4 April 2018  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Buying a used static caravan can be an exciting experience and also something to be thought through carefully. When looking for a used static caravan for sale you will need to do plenty of research on the type of caravan you want, where you want to pitch it and work out what your budget is. In this article, we give you a few top tips for Buying a Used Static Caravan.   Static Caravans come in a variety of sizes so are ideal for famili...

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Dog-friendly Static Caravan Parks

8 March 2018  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Dog lovers are keen to take their canine companions wherever they go, but it can become a problem if the destination you’re visiting doesn’t really cater towards dogs. It’s heartbreaking to think that you might need to them behind while you’re out having fun. Leaving them with a dog sitter might take a bit of practice and getting used to, but at the same time, you don’t want your dog to prevent you going out and enjoying your holiday. O...

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6 Tips For Planning Perfect Caravan Holidays in North Wales

19 February 2018  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Many people like the idea of arranging caravan holidays in North Wales rather than worrying about spending time abroad. It’s easy to drive your car into the mountains or straight to the coast, and you won’t have to stress about sitting around in airports. North Wales is one of the most beautiful areas of the UK with lots to offer families and individuals who want to get a break from the mundanity of modern life. You could spend your morning d...

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How to Keep Your Static Caravan Warm in Winter

20 December 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Throughout the summer months, your static caravan is unlikely to require a great deal of maintenance work. Moreover, there will often be someone on hand to complete those jobs to ensure it stays in top condition. Now that the colder periods are here, however, there is a far greater need to pay attention to these features. As such, knowing how to keep your static caravan warm in winter should be top of the agenda.   Whether you’re pla...

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Owning a Static Caravan is a Great Way to Enjoy North Wales

10 November 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Owning a Static caravan is a great way to enjoy Towyn in North Wales, and at Seldons Golden Gate Holiday Centre, you have the ability to pick and choose the perfect sited caravan for your needs. No matter how often you plan to use your static caravan or how infrequently you’ll be visiting North Wales, we have the perfect sited caravan for your needs.   We’re proud...

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Used Static Caravans For Sale on Site

27 October 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Benefits of buying pre-owned static caravans on site The most obvious advantages of looking at Used Static Caravans For Sale on Site in North Wales are price and the fact that the caravan of your choice does not have to be transported to a caravan holiday park. However, whilst you may not have to spend the time looking for holiday parks on which to site your acquisition...

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Gas and Fire Safety in Static Caravans

13 October 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Irrespective of whether you are a static caravan owner or renting a caravan for your holiday you should observe the same rules of gas and fire safety as you would in your own home. Both gas and electricity are connected to caravans on most holiday parks which mean that there are the same dangers as would apply to any residence no matter how short-term your stay may be.   Own...

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TV Licensing your Static Caravan

2 October 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

TV licensing has been obligatory for more than one hundred years. It was originally launched to cover the reception of radio broadcasts in the UK in the year 1904. Within its first two years, there were just 68 households who received radio and therefore paid the fee. By the year 1913, this number had risen to more than two thousand. It was during and after the war when radio really became a feature in all homes, d...

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Decorating Your Static Caravan

1 October 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

If you are lucky enough to be the owner of a Static Caravan chances are you will be spending a lot of time there. As an owner, you should not be worrying about decorating your Static Caravan to make it feel like a home away from home. Some owners feel anxious at the prospect of decorating their caravan, mainly because of the space issue, although it’s not necessarily a general prob...

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Why Choose Caravan Park Holidays?

20 September 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Many people have holidayed in Static Caravans for many years and wouldn’t change it for the world. Others who have always holidayed abroad in fancy hotels, villas or apartments may not even consider a caravan holiday. Caravan park holidays have a wide number of benefits, which is why they are enjoyed by almost 17 million of us annually. Every year more than £1.9 billion is spent on ...

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Looking For an Affordable Holiday Home in North Wales?

6 September 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

If you’re looking for an affordable Holiday Home or “home from home” in the heart of idyllic of the North Wales countryside, we can help you realize your dream for a lot less than you think! We have a huge range of well equipped, comfortable vans available to site across 8 locations – all of which have excellent facilities including the Golden Gate Holiday Centre...

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Child Activities at Golden Gate, North Wales

1 September 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

We understand that when you go on holiday you want to relax. However, often the little ones want to explore, run around and play. Well, here at Golden Gate in North Wales we have found a happy medium, we host plenty of events and child activities to give you the break you deserve. Activities start from 10 am and go through to 5:30 pm and take place at the incredib...

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Top Caravan Tips – How to Keep Everything Hi De Hi

26 August 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Top Caravan tips for a successful and happy caravan experience: What kind of holiday do you want? Plan your holiday around the activities and facilities your party would want. There are so many options on our website we are sure you'll be able to plan the perfect caravan holiday for you.  Here are a few  top caravan tips: If your party wants to be at the b...

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Preventing Theft From Your Static Caravan

14 August 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Many caravan owners treat their caravans as a home away from home, so it becomes necess...

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How to Eliminate Odours in Your Holiday Home

2 August 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

Many owners will come back to their holiday home this year to find the familiar, not too pleasant odour of a van that has been locked up for some time unless someone has been airing it for them. There are several ways to Eliminate Odours in your Holiday Home.    ...

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What To Take On a Static Caravan Holiday

25 July 2017  | Comments Off By |   Golden Gate Holiday Centre

As summer approaches, more and more of us are looking forward to holidays, either in the UK or abroad, and if you’re one of the many people heading to some of the countries beautiful caravan parks, then you’re sure to be looking forward to your break.   There are a couple of things that can ruin your Static Caravan holiday, one is the weather and this you can do nothing about (although many make the best of this anyway – is there...

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