Benefits of Installing Static Caravan Underfloor Insulation

Static Caravan underfloor insulation

Whilst many caravan manufacturers include static caravan underfloor insulation in new luxury models it’s fairly unlikely that you will find it in older used caravans. Before you purchase a holiday home on a caravan park you should ask whether it has static caravan insulation particularly if you intend to spend time in it during the winter.


Caravan dealers sometimes offer insulation as an optional extra for some new models but even if they don’t, you can ask if it can be installed whether you intend to buy new or second hand.


Benefits of static caravan underfloor insulation

Any form of insulation makes a home more comfortable and energy efficient and in caravans, it’s no different.  In the cold winter months, you will be warmer and there will be less condensation if it is installed.


Because of the way caravans are built, especially older models, there is very little insulation in the construction method. However, most caravan dealers offer winter packages where you have a choice of any or all of the following:


  • Static Caravan insulation
  • Static Caravan Underfloor Insulation
  • Double Glazing

The benefits of having underfloor insulation are:


Floor moisture penetration is eliminated

Moisture penetrating through the floor from beneath the caravan is a common problem on caravan parks where ground water levels are high.  This will increase the air moisture which leads to higher condensation within the caravan making the sills around windows, soft furnishings and walls wet. This type of dampness can lead to black mould formation and if it’s left to grow, eliminating it is not an easy job. It will damage furniture and clothes to the extent that you may have to throw them out.


Heat loss

Cold surfaces draw heat, so when the heating is on in a caravan without underfloor insulation you won’t feel as warm because all of the heat won’t circulate. A lot of it will be lost through the floor. When heat is lost through the floor the caravan is colder so the tendency is to turn the heating up. Naturally, this increases your energy bills.


Installing static caravan underfloor heating will:


  1. Significantly reduce the cost of heating
  2. Make the caravan more comfortable during the colder months
  3. Protect the floor of the caravan


If you already own a caravan and want to add caravan insulation ask your local caravan dealer or the caravan park operator for details of static caravan underfloor heating engineers.  They will usually know at least one insulation firm locally. Alternatively, search on Google or ask your neighbours. Make sure you look up reviews on any insulation company you are considering and get a detailed quotation before you commit to using their services.

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